Dad to the Bone

By The Editors
August 14, 2013 9:00 am

This one’s a little different.

This is a story about the best father-son experience in the world. One you wished you had with your dad. One you could still have with your son.

It’s called Daunted Courage, a 1,700-mile bike ride in which one man, Charles Scott, retraces the Lewis and Clark Trail with his kids.

As in bikes across the Rocky Mountains. And then writes a book about the adventure.

Daunted Courage

“We like to tell people, ‘A kid can do a whole lot more than most adults think,’” Scott says.

“I spent two years making sure this was safe for kids. They love it. And I consulted my wife on everything. She’s a wonderful woman [laughs] … can you put that in there?”

The latest of a series of family-friendly projects — Scott rode across Japan with his son in 2009, and then tackled most of Europe in 2012 — Daunted Courage sees Scott following L&C’s journals, as well as working with UC Davis to identify traffic areas dangerous to animals (which the school will map and eventually use to coordinate animal underpasses).

Like his plan? Scott also conducts lectures and one-on-one sessions, where he helps today’s modern man find ways to “unshackle themselves” from sedentary living and the corporate environment.

Your journey starts now.

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