In Defense of the Humble Lunch Date

Why the best way to charm dates — or clients — is by daylight

By The Editors
March 10, 2016 9:00 am

Throughout history, men have made unprecedented strides in perfecting the dinner date.

Whether for reasons of romancing lady or client, it’s as fundamental as changing a tire or tying a necktie: the tableside manners, the subtle picking up of the bill, the knowing when a kiss is an acceptable farewell.

This is great news, of course, but we cannot forget that success also lies elsewhere; we are talking, gentlemen, about the humble lunch date.

Nowadays, we can relax. Our schedules allow it. Today’s work culture even calls for it. Is this an endorsement of the three-martini lunch? Not quite. Getting wasted at lunch belies the meal’s greatest function: being a productive human being who is using time wisely.

Below, four reasons to reacquaint yourself with the art of the midday date.

Reconnect with the Art of Conversation

This may seem obvious, but conversation in broad daylight brings with it a completely different set of topics. You and your lunch companion are at the peak of your day. Energy levels are high. And most importantly, expectations are lower. Relax. Enjoy yourself. Come what may. It’s only lunch.

Your Time Is Better Off

When you choose lunch over dinner, you are essentially redirecting free time smack into the middle of your work day. Instead of cutting into your Game of Thrones-binging time, your subpar client outing or Tinder date cuts into your regression-model-building time. You get all the benefits of the dinner date without its greatest downside.

It’s Cheaper. Ahem — More Economical.

Less drinks. Often less food. It’s also quite common for lunch dishes to be cheaper than dinner dishes, even at the same restaurant. Also of note: lunch brings with a better chance of alert, timely service.

You Can Totally Still Go on a Dinner Date Afterward

May the odds be ever in your favor, gentlemen.

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