Do These Four Things to Be Strong Like Bull, Says NFL’s Premier Trainer

His clients include Von and Gronk, so you should listen

By The Editors
October 3, 2016 9:00 am

If you flip on the TV on Sunday, you’re bound to stumble across Brett Bartholomew’s work.

Bartholomew is a performance and conditioning coach who’s helped NFL stars ranging from Von Miller to Matthew Stafford to Rob Gronkowski get bigger, stronger and faster — a task that, given the sort of physical freaks those guys were to begin with, was likely far from easy.

Despite his high-profile clientele, though, Bartholomew says his tips can help anyone — even you.

Here’s a four-pack of ‘em, courtesy of an interview Bartholomew recently gave to Outside Magazine.

Work your way up
Gradually increasing the speed and/or amount of weight you use in your workout over time — and giving yourself time to recover before progressing any further — is key to having success.

Watch your weights
There is a difference between 10 reps with a light load and five reps with a heavy one. “Heavier loads are crucial for training the neuromuscular system to produce maximal force,” he says.

Do squats
Squatting is, by far, the best exercise to improve strength, speed and power at the same time. Start out with goblet squats and work up to double kettlebell front squats or barbell squats.

Eat right
Bartholomew says to think of your food as fuel and keep it simple. Don’t eat processed garbage, pair carbs with your workouts and aim to eat well 80 percent of the time. Nobody’s perfect.

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