Best of September

Carports. Eats. Girls with tattoos. Let's review.

By The Editors
September 25, 2015 9:00 am

These Carports? Bond level.
Protecting your whip from the elements is key. But whereas garages become catch-alls for tools, broken appliances and that weightlifting bench you’ve yet to press, the open-air carport adds an elegant, James Bond-ian flourish. Check it out.

Table Stakes
Everyone’s got their spot. You know: first-name basis, dessert on the house and your favorite dish waiting as if Ma herself were manning the galley. This month’s Table Stakes is a paean to the neighborhood spot. Check it out.

The 8 Best New Shows to Watch
Thanks to upfronts, pre-sales and other you-don’t-need-to-know ad jargon, the major networks frontload their programming for the year into the first two months of fall. Ignore the bloat: The 8 Must-Watch TV Shows of Fall. Check it out.

It’s Like Camping with a Private Chef
In the beginning, man camped with wienies on sticks and plastic utensils. Later, he graduated to headlamps and a modest Coleman rig. The modern way to cook campside? Fireside Provisions. Check it out.

5 Mins Reading This = 1,000 hrs/yr Saved
Reading this? You’re either incredibly productive and your day’s goals were completed five hours ago or you’re “taking a quick break.” Regardless, this one’s for you: The Ridiculously Good Productivity Guide for the Busy Man. Check it out.

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