Best of November

By The Editors
November 26, 2014 9:00 am

Found You A Hidden Mansion. Rent It.
Lot of talk about surviving visiting family this time of year. But you’re no holiday greenhorn. Solution: Stone Porch, a beautifully restored Tudor Revival mansion tucked away in lakefront Evanston, taking reservations now. Check it out.

Like a Defense Robot For Your Home
Ye olde security systems don’t cut it these days. A full command station is a necessity when it comes to your home’s protection. Enter Chicago’s Scout, a super-intelligent safeguard system that can be monitored from your smartphone. Check it out.

5 New Restaurants: Pick One and Go
Because every Chicagoan loves to eat even more than they love waiting in line at Shake Shack (meh), we present Table Stakes: our monthly roundup of the city’s best new restaurants. Check it out.

Notre Daaaamn
Andersonville menswear shop Notre just upped Chicago’s syle game with its edited stock of hard-to-find labels. We went ahead and made a choice travel kit for all your end-of-year wayfaring. Make sure you stop in. Check it out.

BCS: A Taster’s Guide
Black Friday in other cities: just a big-box thing. Here in Beertown, USA, Black Friday means the release of Goose Island’s beloved Bourbon County Stout. To ready your palate, we made you this handy tasting guide. Happy hunting. Check it out.

Win the Ultimate Formula 1® Miami Grand Prix Experience

Want the F1 experience of a lifetime? Here’s your chance to win tickets to see Turn 18 Grandstand, one of Ultimate Formula 1® Miami Grand Prix’s most premier grandstands!