Meet Turn Touch, One Remote to Rule Them All

Feel free to put your phone away, friend.

February 22, 2017 9:00 am

Ever get to the point where you just can’t look at your phone one more time? 

We get there. Every day, around noon. 

So what to do when you rely on it to control your life at home — even though picking it up to do one quick thing means, inevitably, 45 minutes surrendered to Instagram and Twitter and a ton of sh*t you don’t need to see until morning? 

We’ve got the solution, and it feels and looks really, really nice. 

This is the Turn Touch, currently being Kickstarted. It’s a four-button remote crafted from your choice of wood. (We prefer the rosewood and sycamore.) And it’s here to make your life easier. Chances are you use a home app or service that currently requires you to pick up your phone. Spotify. Sonos. Pandora. Hue lights. Nest. LIFX. More on the way.

Pair the Turn Touch with its app on your iOS device of choice. Then let it take over, and put that phone away. Because here’s the thing: we want our phone to perform certain utilities for us in our off-duty time. But those utilities, when conducted by phone/iPad/etc., inevitably lead to more screentime than we want.

The best thing about Turn Touch, beyond the fancy wood? And all that function? No F-ing screen.

All the utility, none of the distraction. Now that’s a service worth the money.


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