Dead Zone

By The Editors
May 7, 2014 9:00 am

Back in the ol’ days, team-building exercises were all about trust falls.

Now, they’re all about the undead eating your brains.

To wit: Trapped In A Room With A Zombie, an immersive theater experience where you and a group have exactly one hour to escape a room by uncovering a series of elaborate clues and puzzles.

What you’re escaping from? A zombie, shackled to a wall by a chain that gets a foot longer every five minutes.

Besides nourishing a healthy fear of zombie-on-man mastication, teams members must share information and work together in order to escape.

Currently, less than 30% of groups manage to accomplish the feat.

Survive or not, you’ll be debriefed afterward on all the clues and items you may have missed.

The show is held in the Fine Arts Building, and tickets go on sale a month in advance and sell out quick.

Good luck and godspeed.


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