Snowmobile + Scooter = Profit?

The DTV Shredder: A new go-anywhere adrenaline machine

By The Editors
December 9, 2015 9:00 am
Snowmobile + Scooter = Profit?

Maybe you’ve ridden a scooter lately.

More likely you haven’t, because … it’s a scooter. The proverbial red-headed stepchild of two-wheeled transport.

But sometimes red-headed stepchildren go away to military school, learn how to fend for themselves, come home and kick your ass.

That’s essentially the story behind the newly released DTV Shredder (Dual Tracked Vehicle) a three-in-one big boy toy that can off-road through snow, sand and any terrain you throw at it.

Melding the sport capabilities of a tank, skateboard and motocross bike, the machine is equipped with a powerful 4-stroke 196cc engine, a rugged, durable standing deck and tough tank tracks for tires.

In development since 2012, the DTV is ready to hit the ground rolling.“Our vision was to create an off-road powersport vehicle marketed specifically at the Action Sports community,” says designer Ben Gulak. “We wanted to design something that would combine the best characteristics of traditional board sports with the power of off-roading in a brand new riding experience.”

That means get ready to cut through summer mud or winter powder at up to 30 mph. And the DTV folds up compact enough to fit in the trunk of your car to boot.

Shipping now and available here

It looks like one helluva good time.

DTV Shredder Nitro Circus0:58

-photos by AusExtreme

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