Michael Phelps Will Race a Great White to Kick Off ‘Shark Week’

Discovery's successful summer franchise inspired RCL to launch our own version of Shark Week.

July 23, 2017 5:00 am

Discovery Channel’s Shark Week begins Sunday with a tense race between Olympic gold champion Michael Phelps and the ocean’s top predator: the great white shark.

The July 23 special marks the launch of the weeklong pop-culture sensation. It returns in the heat of summer to serve up a cool 8-day marathon of all things related to the Selachii order, including a guide to alien sharks, a full-blown shark-versus-croc showdown, and a look back at prehistoric megalodons in all of their mythic glory.

The Shark Week phenomenon also inspired RealClearLife to kick off our own version:

On Monday, RCL’s adventure correspondent Kinga Philipps will take you swimming with whale sharks. While we know whale sharks aren’t bloodthirsty predators, you’ll want to follow Kinga’s story regardless.

Tuesday, RCL’s Diana Crandall will explain why sharks are returning to New York City harbor after decades of pollution had decimated local ecosystems.

Move over Michael Phelps, Kinga is back for another shark adventure on Wednesday. This time it’s with great white sharks.

On Thursday, RCL’s Matthew Reitman demystifies the inflated dangers of shark attacks and why your fears are not based on the actual risks.

You know that Jaws is the best shark movie ever. RCL’s Ethan Sacks will explain marine biologists’ love-hate relationship with the film.

We hope you’ll tune in.


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