The Outback’s Favorite Pop-Top Camper Is Finally Coming Stateside

Bugout bag? Try bugout buggy.

October 2, 2017 9:00 am

We may not have the Outback, but America still has its fair share of pavement-free, largely uncharted territory to traverse.

And if you plan on traversing it for more than a day or two, you’re gonna need a vehicle that can hack it. Something like the rough-and-tumble Patriot Camper, which can go dang near anywhere … now including the U.S.

Patriot is a top-notch Australian outfit that makes easy-to-tow off-roading buddies. Think of them as a sidecar that holds a kitchen and all your camping gear. And now they’re finally coming stateside.

The imports will be managed by Oklahoma-based Exploration Outfitters, who will be selling both the X1 (named Best Camper Trailer four years in a row) and X2 models.

The X1, starting at $33,500, is a go-anywhere pop-top comes complete with a refrigerator, grill, generator, slide-out kitchenette, two-burner stove and broiler. The X2, starting at about $21,000, is edited down a bit, but still comes with a pop-out tent and stowaway awning.

In short, pretty much everything you need for setting up shop on the nearest mountaintop.  


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