‘My Planet Pass’ Is a Members-Only Club for Fighting Climate Change

Membership dues get you kickback from a slew of nonprofits

October 17, 2018 9:00 am

A pretty depressing report on the state of our planet came out last week. Our blue-and-green rock is hurtling towards some dark decades. Can’t say we haven’t been warned.

But how can the Average Joe expect to help, beyond reducing, reusing and recycling?

By putting his money where his mouth is signing up for 1% For The Planet’s new membership, which aims to fight climate change via a donation system not too dissimilar to a ski pass. 

Quick refresher: 1% is  an environmentalist non-profit founded back in 2002, which diverts 1% of sales from registered businesses (or 1% of salaries from individual members) to appropriate NGOs that are working hard to save our planet. It’s all about de-muddying the giving waters and making sure each dollar’s actually making a difference.

The My Planet Pass, their latest intiative, begins with that concept but is structured a bit differently. It offers three different annual membership subcriptions — priced out at $200, $300 and $400 — which’ll gain you membership to the National Forest Foundation, Protect Our Winters, Save the Waves Coalition, Slow Food and Treesisters, not to mention 1% itself. (If your selected membership isn’t 1% of your annual salary, you can pay the difference or account for it through volunteer work.)

Membership across all those planet-preservin’ non-profts has some benefits. Magazines, stickers, T-shirts, merino wool socks, camping headlights and access to action alerts and quarterly reports that’ll keep you updated on efforts you either helped fund or physically contributed to. It’s about as easy a way to get informed and involved as we’ve seen yet.

Or, we could all, ya know, nervously laugh off headlines for the next 20 years.

Find more information on the My Planet Pass here

Main image from Wikimedia Commons


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