Quaff to the Races

By The Editors
February 25, 2013 9:00 am

The best way to win a marathon is to drink wine.

Don’t believe us? Then you’ve never heard of Spyridon Louis.

Spyridon was the fleet-footed Greek who won the 1896 Olympic marathon. Halfway through, he stopped at a tavern for a glass of wine. Good man, that Spyridon.

Now you can follow in his boozy footsteps, thanks to the Le Marathon du Medoc, just opened for registration.

Held in the vast vineyards of Medoc just north of Bordeaux, Le Marathon is a run for fun-loving oenophiles.

The weekend event starts on a Friday with a bacchanalian party; Saturday is the 26.2 mile run, which winds through dozens of pastoral vineyards and estates.

Lest you take this too seriously, be advised that half the runners are in costume. This year’s wackadoodle theme: science fiction.

At the aid stations: water. And all-you-can-eat oysters, cheeses and meats. And plenty of regional vino.

At the finish line? A massive, town-wide party, followed by a Sunday tasting tour through the area’s vineyards.

Le Marathon is in September, but they accept a very limited number of runners/drinkers, so register early.

And then raise a glass. You’ve got some training to do.


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