About Those Jetpacks We Were Promised…

Watch the JB-9 flying machine lap Lady Liberty

By The Editors
November 9, 2015 9:00 am

The Jetpack: Once a mere promise/thing of Jetsonian legend.

Now a thing Australian daredevil David Mayman uses to do laps around Lady Liberty. The only “real jetpack” in existence (at least according to its creators), the Jetpack Aviation JB-9  finally made its maiden voyage last week with a seal of approval from the Federal Aviation Authority and the US Coast Guard.

The JB-9 runs on kerosene using two vectored jet engines that keep it aloft for over 10 minutes. Some 10 years in the making, the device represents an aesthetic and engineering leap from previous packs like the Bell’s Rocketbelt (30 seconds flight time) or the Martin Jetpack (30; but, the JB-9 is light(ish), agile and as practical as previously impossible gets.

Mayman and team report that they are currently working to bring the JB-9 pack to market for use in law enforcement, emergency disaster response and the daily commutes of rich guys with Iron Man sheets.


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