Sure Shot

By The Editors
December 4, 2012 9:00 am

There comes a time in every man’s workweek when he thinks, “Man, I just want to shoot somebody.”

Don’t go postal, brother. Go blow off some steam at International Tactical Training Seminars, now offering Corporate Team Building.

These guys have over 20 years of SWAT experience with the LAPD, and they’re called in for advanced firearms and tactics training for the FBI, the Secret Service, and as consultants for movies — like “Way of the Gun” and the “RoboCop” reboot


Assuming that you’re not already pistol-savvy, you’ll need some basic training and safety classes. After that, you’ll be trained on real-life situations, like how to safely protect your family from an armed burglar, or how to move in and around a car during a gunfight, or shoot from a moving vehicle.

The Corporate Program is run by a M.B.A., who will help you and your coworkers develop situational awareness, determine who’s the hero, and who’s the comic figure (aka decoy).

And with the kind of knowledge you’ll be able to hit your target like a sniper from 100 yards.


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