Firepower to the People

By The Editors
September 7, 2012 9:00 am

From The Matrix to Lord of War, action movies are just chock full of guns. So surely, all those firearms must be stored someplace in the real world, right? Besides in Plaxico Burress’s pants?

Indeed. Introducing The Specialists, a steel-doored safehouse that’s home to over 20,000 handguns, assault rifles, swords, and bombs from your favorite action flicks, taking limited reservations for walkthroughs right now.

The Specialists

Located deep inside a nondescript SoHo building, The Specialists is the largest weapons prop house on the east coast, and they’ve outfitted everyone from Tony Soprano to Agent K.

Walkthroughs begin with a trip inside their steel-doored vault (known as “Fort Knox”), where a resident expert demos the weapons – all real, but modified to shoot blanks. Firearms are displayed villian bunker-style along the walls, and run from matchlock pistols of the 1400s all the way through Angelina Jolie’s ivory-handled death dealer from the movie Wanted.

The Specialists

Downstairs is a warehouse of replica firearms, blood-squirting blades, and kilos of phony cocaine, in addition to the manufacturing center where they make the stuff.

Tickets are only available through Sidetour and are extremely limted, but luckily InsideHook readers get first dibs.

You’ve just got to be quick on the draw.


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