Actual Formula 1 Track Now a Vintage Racing School

When on the French Nurburgring ...

September 18, 2017 9:00 am

It is one of the last places on earth where you can learn to pilot a vintage race car. A masterpiece of motorsporting culture known by various names, and all of them important-sounding: Spa Francorchamps. The French Nurburgring. The Circuit Louis Rosier. Former host of the French Grand Prix. And it is every track enthusiast’s — hell, any person with a pulse’s — daydream.

It is the Circuit de Charade, a racetrack that sits in the shadow of France’s Auvergne volcanoes.

Built in ‘58, the course welcomed various Formula 1 and motorcycle grand prix races until 1972. But these days, it modestly plays host to a classic racing school where any ol’ adrenaline junkie can live out his classic car fantasies. Their mission is simple: “Make every moment a source of pleasure and enjoyment!”

Attendees cruise in top-spec, single-seat Crosslé 90F race cars, twisting through a mountain circuit defined by atypical landscapes and gradients. Drivers of all skill levels can get behind the wheel, with expert instructors on hand to guide them. 

Got some free time and $1,130 on hand? The pleasure and enjoyment could be all yours.


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