Weapons of Mass Reduction

NYC’s toughest workouts

By The Editors
November 16, 2015 9:00 am

Pie. Plus whiskey. Plus turkey. Plus cookies. Plus egg nog.

Equals … about ten pounds and half a belt notch.

So unless you’re keen on hiding a spare tire under that ugly sweater all season, it’s time to saddle up and break a sweat.

Herein: four of the toughest, meanest, darn-tooting-est workouts in NYC, from a rock ‘n’ roll boxing gym to an ex-con trainer who’ll make you prison-yard tough.

Up and at ‘em. Let’s get a jump on that resolution.

S10 Training

Private and semi-private sessions of the finest torture around. S10 stands for sub-10: as in the ideal percentage of body fat you should be lugging around. And that’s exactly where founder Stephen Cheuk plans on taking you. And it ain’t gonna be easy. But if it’s results you’re after, this is where you’ll find them — Cheuk’s clientele is a who’s who of foxy celebrities and NY’s athletic elite.


Everyone wants to blow off steam. Not everyone wants to sport a shiner. Enter the boxing-sans-bruises revolution of outposts like Shadowbox and Work Train Fight. Keepin’ it real, though, is Overthrow, the gritty dive bar of NYC’s new boxing gyms, complete with sweat, blood and bags on metal chains. Classes like Burn Out and Fit to Fight include conditioning, weights and straight-up sparring, all programmed by former Golden Gloves champion Alicia Napoleon.


Forget the fancy equipment. Founder Coss Marte delivers a super tough, highly effective workout program based on a variety of resistance exercises using solely one’s own body weight. Trust the man. Marte was inspired to deliver the pain with ConBody after he dropped 70 plus pounds in six months in a 9’ x 6’ cell while serving time.

Tone House

Get ready to ask yourself, “Why do I pay for this punishment?” Tone House has a reputation for being the “hardest workout in NYC.” Confirmed. It is crazy hard. With contraptions named The Harness, The Core Crusher and The Intimidator, expect to sweat while the trainers browbeat you with sadistic enthusiasm until they’ve seized your every last available drop.

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