Australian Surfer Mick Fanning Rides Arctic Waves Under the Northern Lights

Surfer Surfing Under the Northern Lights
(Mats Grimsæth/Red Bull Content Pool)


Mick Fanning, better known as “White Lightning,” is a pro surfer who hails from the Land Down Under. And while you’d think that a guy from such an agreeable, sunny climate would want to stick around and surf there all the time, he apparently has a penchant for cold weather.

The 35-year-old Fanning recently ventured to the Arctic Circle in Norway to surf under the Northern Lights and have his feats of brilliance frozen in time by photographers Mats Andreassen Grimsæth and Emil Kjos Sollie.

Of the experience, Fanning told Red Bull that “Surfing under the Northern Lights was something I will remember forever. The Aurora Borealis was dancing across the sky.” It apparently wasn’t all that easy to shoot either: The trio had to wait out two nights in a row to land on the perfect situation.

Take a look at some additional shots from Fanning’s adventure below. At the bottom, watch a video of it.

Surfer Surfing Under the Northern Lights
(Emil Sollie/Mats Grimsæth/Red Bull Content Pool)
Surfer Surfing Under the Northern Lights
(Emil Sollie/Red Bull Content Pool)


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