There’s Now a Members-Only Club for Unlimited Ski Rentals

Adventure Pass: Ski, surf and bike the globe. For free.

November 14, 2016 9:00 am

Everyone talks about making it down the mountain in one piece.

That’s doable. The more difficult part is getting to the mountain in the first place — it’s a pricy, gear-intensive journey.

Which is why you need Adventure Pass, a new startup that presents a simple proposition: buy a year-long pass, get free gear rentals wherever you go.

Started by a British army vet who also founded the gear rental site KitShare, Adventure Pass lets you buy a card that works at numerous resorts or properties around the globe. Their smartphone app will guide you to the participating locations.

Show the card, and these places will give you whatever skis, surfboards, wetsuits, helmets or bikes you need. For free. And for up to a week at a time.

You can narrow the pass by sport (it’s cheaper) or go Premiere level, which currently costs around $560 and includes everything.

As the guys at AP see it, if your action sports fix forces you to fly even just twice a year, you’ll save money and hassle using their pass. Mainly, you’ll never have to worry about traveling with bulky gear or worrying about rental prices when you arrive.

While the AP team is still finishing the partner list, they do offer a map of current locations they service. Among your options: skiing in the Alps, surfing in Ecuador, biking through South America and snowboarding up and down the West Coast.

Oh, and as they note: “In the unlikely event that we can’t [find a nearby shop for you], we will cover the rental cost at whatever hire shop you’ve found yourself.”

Adventure Pass is currently funding on Indiegogo, with a launch expected for September 2017. However, they are trying to deliver “something” for Christmas time for people who order by Dec. 7. And the prices at launch promise to be cheaper than during next year’s official launch.


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