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Boat Drinks

Indian summer cometh. Here’s your boating guide.

Boats, they say, are best enjoyed the day they’re bought and the day they’re sold.

So renting a boat — that’s clearly two best days in one, amirite?

And so with the toastier temps of late summer approaching, we’ve found a fleet of floating beauties for your off-hours discretion. From spartan sailer to floating champagne room (and moored everywhere from Discovery Bay to Berkeley), these babies should scratch just about any nautical itch.


The Yacht

Thirty-four feet. Sleeps six. And comes complete with a captain, freeing you to take in the sun and lounge on the deck in true don’t-give-a-damn fashion. Rent her.

San Francisco

The Party Boat

Fifty feet, in boat terms, is a lot of real estate. Roomy enough for you and a dozen or so friends, some catering and plenty of cocktails. Rent her.

Discovery Bay

The Wakeboarder

With 350 horses below deck, this speedster has power to spare. Also powerful: the onboard sound system. Rent her.

Walnut Grove

The Houseboat

Nothing says QT with the fam like a stay in a cabin. Unless it's a stay in a cabin afloat the laid-back Sacramento River Delta. That says QT with a lady friend. Rent her.


The Sailer

This twenty-five-footer will hold four, but all her luxuries are reserved for smooth sailing and passenger safety. Oh, and she’s fast. There’s also that. Rent her.



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