Would You Buy the World’s Biggest Bottle of Sparkling Wine?

You could quench the thirst of 240 of your closest friends

luc belaire zeus largest bottle of wine
Just look at this thing compared to a standard-sized bottle
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We’ve sung the praises of the magnum because the wine they hold oxidizes slower and stays colder longer (if you’re drinking the wine chilled), and they’re all-around perfect for a party. If you need a refresher, a magnum holds 1.5 liters of wine, which is equal to two standard bottles or about eight full glasses (some people say 10 glasses, but that, my friends, is one tiny glass of wine). But now, French winemaker Luc Belaire is taking the large-format wine bottle to new heights — literally. 

The brand just introduced Zeus, a bottle of bubbly that stands at 3.3 feet tall and weighs a whopping 160 pounds. It now holds the title of “World’s Largest Bottle of Bubbly,” which is fitting because it takes three humans to carry and pour the behemoth. The 45-liter bottle is the equivalent of 60 standard-sized bottles, so 240 people could enjoy a glass of wine from the thing.

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While the sheer size of this bottle is impressive in and of itself, how it was designed is even more interesting. According to Luc Belaire, the bottle took seven years to make with the help of aerospace engineers. It’s constructed out of steel rather than glass, which insulates the bottle from fluctuating temperatures and pressure and stops the roughly three billion bubbles from escaping. That’s certainly a high-tech marvel for a product that’s been around for millennia.

Even if you want to buy a bottle of Zeus, it’s going to be very difficult to get your hands on one. The winemaker only produced two bottles — one holds the brand’s Rare Rosé, and the other is filled with Luc Belaire Luxe. Before they are actually released for sale (prices are yet to be revealed), the bottles are embarking on a world tour.

While you might not be able to sip the nectar from a bottle of Zeus, the wines are readily available in the United States and, for the thirsty wine traveler, at Luc Belaire’s Burgundy winery.


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