The Workout From Home Diaries

April 4, 2020 6:09 am
workout from home diaries

The Workout From Home Diaries

Throughout our national self-isolation period, we’ll be sharing our favorite targeted workouts and offbeat belly-busters that don’t require a visit to your (likely now-shuttered) local gym. We’ll update this page with new exercises and maneuvers on a near-daily basis, so watch this space for further inspiration.

If Not 10,000, How Many Steps Should We Be Walking Each Day?

A necessary conversation about how to best rethink a decades-old but arbitrary “rule”

Eight Simple Rules for Running With Your Dog

Trainers, veterinarians and a specialist in canine liability insurance weigh in on the fitness of Fido


A Handy Strava Primer for New and Returning Runners

Everything you need to know about the 50-million-strong social-fitness network


We Designed a Surprisingly Easy 400-Rep Workday Workout

We’re all looking for new ways to make it through the day. This is the best we’ve found.


Once Left for Dead, Inline Skates Are Making a Fitness-Driven Comeback

The 20th-century favorite is oddly, ideally suited for this moment


How to Harness the Benefits of a Performance Spa From Your Own Home

You’re stuck at home and your back still hurts. Here’s what to do.

tik tok workout

We Tried the “600 Calories in 60 Minutes” Workout TikTok Is Obsessed With

Jeanette Jenkins definitely designed a scorcher. But why is America’s youth so crazy for it?


How to Complete a Hellish CrossFit Workout at Home Without Hurting Yourself

“Muscular fatigue challenges” are fun. But you need to be careful.


It’s Time to Dust Off Wii Sports, Where Everything Is Beautiful and Nothing Hurts

It’s not exactly exercise, but it will deliver something else that’s equally important


For Runners, What Should Stretching Look Like in 2020?

A deep-dive into the statics vs. dynamic debate


The 13 Best Podcast Episodes for Distracting Yourself During a Long Run

On cabin porn, the future of the NFL, Dax Shepard’s mom and more


How to Build Your Biceps Without Access to Weights

The tips, techniques and junk around the house for coaxing out those Popeye arms

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The Cheesy, Sexed-Up “8-Minute Abs” Video Still Holds Up, 25 Years Later

It made $20 million after its 1995 release for very good reason

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How to Get a Legitimate Endurance Workout Out of the Jump Rope in Your Garage

We talked to a former pro boxer who’s trained Will Smith and Adriana Lima

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Revisiting Mountain Climbers, a Grade-School Hack for Full-Body Fitness

The perfect wherever-whenever workout to have in your back pocket right now

man riding longboard

Riding a Longboard Once a Day Is a Lifehack for Your Heart Health

It’s free cardio, and it’s not nearly as difficult as it looks