Planet of the Vapes

By The Editors
February 27, 2014 9:00 am

Because every man needs gear, and no man likes comparison shopping, we present That’ll Hunt: a series that reveals the best tools, gadgets or sundries for the job.

This is an article about vaporizers.

We intended to publish it on the occasion of Colorado’s emancipation but, considering what’s typically smoked in vaporizers and how vigorously we tested them, you’ll understand if the whole endeavor ran a bit behind.

To find the best vape, we considered the following: How portable is it? How simple is it to operate? And is the contraption reliable?

And lest you think that’s too much consideration for what’s essentially a portable Easy-Bake Oven, know this: the vape market is a $1.5 billion industry. It’s a gold rush for the green market out there, fellas.

Edify thyself.

PaxTHAT’LL HUNT: Pax by Ploom
Looks like an external hard drive, or a tiny case for pharmacy-bought reading glasses. No bells. No whistles. Just a simple magnetized oven on one end and a click-to-open mouthpiece on the other. Holds a good charge, too. This is our favorite combo of portability, simplicity and design (also a bit more expensive — but worth it).

The best of the rest. Vape ‘em if you got ‘em.

FireflyFOR THE AESTHETE: Firefly / Elevape (tie)
The Firefly looks like a suspended animation chamber from a sci-fi movie. It’s pretty. It’s also three times heavier than the Pax and only holds a charge for a few minutes. Designed for home use only. The polished black Elevape, meanwhile, wins for overall package: from box to instruction videos to plug-and-play USB, it’s essentially the Apple of vaporizers.

DaVinci Ascent
Box-to-lungs in under a minute. Idiot-proof. Works with loose-leaf product or oil. And simple to clean. The Ascent only gets technical if you want it to — e.g., programming your own personal vape cycle or setting the motion sensor. Just do it before you inhale.

FOR PORTABILITY: Original microG
Smaller than a standard e-cig, the compact Original G weighs almost nothing and fits in your shirt pocket. At one point, we completely forgot we were carrying it. So, great for concerts, less so for airports. (Ed. note: the microG is only compatible with wax or oil fillers, which can be hard to come by.)

Arizer Solo

A heftier unit sporting a detachable, fragile glass tube. Thankfully, the Solo produces rich, thick plumes that pack a solid punch. (Ed. note: the Micro G would have won here…had its requisite wax not been so difficult to procure.)

Puffit XFOR STEALTH: Puffit-X
Indistinguishable from a common asthma inhaler. Quiet and producing minimal vapor, stealth bomber Puffit-X is your best bet for discreet public use. Back-up choice: from a distance, the Magic Flight resembles a wooden compass. At least you’ll know where you’re headed.

Special thanks to Vape World for providing some of these models

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