The Rock’s Cheat-Day Meals Are Straight Out of a Stoner Fever Dream

Meet the Undisputed Champion of Frankendesserts

January 11, 2017 9:00 am

If you’d like to work out like The Rock, you can do it. If you’d like to eat like The Rock, you can do it. And if you’d like to cheat like Dwayne Johnson does on his off days, you can do that, too — we just advise that you have a defibrillator on hand that’s been charged to full capacity.

On his Instagram account, Johnson shared what he devoured over the holidays when he sat down on his couch just before midnight to re-watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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Johnson’s “Christmas gift for himself” consisted of eight slices of sourdough French toast topped off with multiple layers of apple pie, a combo Delish estimates was nearly 3,000 calories. That epic meal came more than a year after Johnson posted about another one of his cheat feasts — a carby snack of fudge peanut butter brownies topped with cinnamon buns.

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So the Rock has a sweet tooth. A sweet tooth that involves mashing up multiple dishes into plate-toppling Frankendesserts that surpass the average human’s daily caloric intake.

But hey, sometimes you need that.

As Johnson wrote, “Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself.”

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