This Giant Steel Mace Is Coming to a Gym Near You

Time to go medieval on your own ass

By The Editors
March 22, 2017 9:00 am

The power of the kettlebell lies in its unwieldiness: the uneven weight distribution requires you to work your core — in addition to your hind legs, arms and back — to reverse its momentum. Compared to, say, dumbbells, this makes for a much more efficient full-body workout.

It’s also why a new fitness company called Set For Set decided to design a similar implement: the Steel Mace.

Yeah. Mace. As in, the medieval weapon of choice for cleaning someone’s clock. Now you can use one to tone your arms, back, shoulders and core (or bludgeon that guy who didn’t re-rack his weights correctly). The workouts require a bit of upper-body balance, which will in turn increase your awareness of how you’re activating muscles. It’s also a sightly tool, constructed in matte steel with a knurled grip handle. At launch, they’re offering a 15-lb. and 20-lb. version.

We’ve ordered one to test, and can’t wait to give it a swing.

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