Peloton Hints That an Interactive Rowing Machine Is On the Way

Other than that, details are minimal

Peloton might have something big in the works.
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

In recent years, Peloton has achieved a certain strand of ubiquity in its field. That has its upsides (its brand name has become effectively synonymous with internet-connected fitness devices) and its downsides (being associated with fictional characters’ onscreen deaths). Still, the company itself looks to be branching out into new technology; late last year, it introduced the Peloton Guide, an interactive guide for strength training.

Now, it looks like they’re gearing up for another expansion to their line of fitness products. This week, Pelton tweeted out a video announcing that a connected rowing machine is in the works.

As Engadget observed in their article on the announcement, the video is big on visuals and consciously minimal on details. It’s a rowing machine with a screen and a Peloton logo; beyond that, details are scarce.

On the other hand, it’s not like that many more details are necessarily needed at this point. “Peloton rowing machine” does a pretty solid job of letting you know what’s for sale and what you can expect from it. The video doesn’t allude to a planned release date or give a sense of what customers might look to pay for the device, however.

The announcement came as part of the company’s Homecoming 2022 virtual event, along with news about the company’s existing apps and news of compatibility with a host of apps for everything from screen reading to working scheduling. Could this new rowing machine be a much-needed hit for the company? We’ll know more once they’re actually on sale.

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