Meet Paul Austin, World’s First Web-Based LSD Micro-Dosing Coach

Spreading gospel of micro-dosing, one Skype session at a time.

September 11, 2017 5:00 am

Several months ago, RealClearLife published a piece about the popular fad of LSD micro-dosing among women in the workforce to boost productivity and mental sharpness. Now, it seems as though men have caught on.

According to Rolling Stone, 27-year-old Paul Austin has launched a Skype-based business through his company The Third Wave, where he acts as an LSD/magic mushrooms micro-dosing coach, engaging in sessions with clients, who are looking to up their output in their professional lives. Each session costs about $100.

Austin has been at it since 2015, when he began micro-dosing himself over a seven-month period. Of his personal success micro-dosing, Austin told Rolling Stone: “I think the biggest takeaway [since then] is the level of presence. Where I’m directing my attention, my direction is, instead of it being so splintered.”

By no means has Austin built an empire just yet: He has only three private clients. But he told the magazine that he’d done about two-dozen 30-minute “info sessions,” and some private, hour-long calls. He’s also launched an online micro-doing course, which has 240 enrollees.

Austin also does not see micro-dosing as something people should be doing casually; it shouldn’t be approached from the perspective of the marijuana-puffing teenager next door. “This is an incredible tool….but if it’s not used within a specific, integrated framework, and if it’s not used with a specific intention or objective, then much of the utility and usefulness will be lost. And I think that would be a shame because the upsides are so tremendous.”

If you’re wondering, Austin is about as far from a scientist or psychologist as you can get: Per his LinkedIn page, he graduated from Hope College, a Christian liberal arts college in Michigan, with a BA in history and business management.

Listen to Austin speak at a live session on micro-dosing back in March below.


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