Watch: A California Woman Ran a 5:25 Mile While Nine Months Pregnant

That is absolutely booking, even without another human being inside of you

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Makenna Myler took to the track at nine months pregnant, and beat a 6-minute mile.
Kolleen Gladden/Unsplash

It’s been a great year for wacky mile-run records, as we documented in detail at the end of summer. The top marks for “fastest backwards mile,” “fastest mile while handcuffed,” and “fastest mile in blue jeans” have all been achieved this year, as cooped-up runners, sick of postponements and cancellations, have put their training to the test in creative ways.

We can now add “fastest mile while nine months pregnant” to the list. Makenna Myler, a 28-year-old product trainer who lives in California with her husband Mike, ran a 5:25 mile last week, just seven days before her baby was due. The absurd feat went viral on TikTok, where it has three million views. Mike Myler also posted it to his Instagram.

Makenna has a pedigree, with a personal best of 4:43 in the mile. She ran for BYU in college, represented the U.S. at The Great Edinburgh International Cross-Country in Scotland, and currently runs with Irvine, California’s Valor Track Club. Still, to cross the line this fast, when this close to giving birth, is insanely impressive. Myler and her husband originally had a bet to see if she could go under 8:00 in a mile trial this late into her pregnancy. She ended up keeping up with the pace rabbit for all four laps, and coming in well under 6:00.

For those sad souls eager to discount this achievement — “Um, should she really be running while pregnant?” — Myler’s doctors gave her the go-ahead to continue training throughout her pregnancy. She told Today, “Both doctors I’ve worked with have been more than happy, and even encouraging with my regimen.” The key, according to Myler, is making sure she stays hydrated and takes in enough calories, which, as she relayed to BuzzFeed, “is not a problem.” She’s also fine-tuned her strength training to make sure her back could handle all the extra weight.

Next up? Myler is actually due to give birth today. She plans on lacing her sneaks up not long after.

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