A man and woman working out with the Lululemon Studio Mirror, which is currently 50% off
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It’s Your Last Chance to Take $150 Off the Mirror

Save on Lululemon Studio’s sleek home workout machine

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We did a complete review of lululemon’s smart home gym the Mirror last year, when the price was $1,495 for the device alone, or up to over $2,000 if you add on other gear like yoga mats, a foam roller and weights that sync up with the machine. Right now, you can pick up the sleek, discrete and feature-packed Mirror for as low as $845.

If this is the first time you’re hearing of the Mirror, you should know that it’s a subscription-based piece of equipment, with a required $39 per month membership to Lululemon Studio. (Lululemon acquired Mirror a while back, then completely integrated it into their company.) What you get with that membership is access to over 10,000 classes (!) streamed right onto the screen embedded in the Mirror, from both Lululemon’s own trainers as well as partner studios like Rumble and Dogpound, as well as other benefits like 10% off most Lululemon gear (nice) and 20% off in-person classes at certain partner gyms. 

As we noted in our review, for all the tech wizardry packed in the Mirror (and there is plenty to discover), Lululemon’s trainers make this a machine worth buying. They’re motivating, creative and easy to follow thanks to the design of this machine that puts them right in front of you, with you able to see yourself alongside them in the reflective surface. 

You can read our full list of pros and cons here before you buy, and then head to Lululemon Studio to see the four Mirror packages available, all featuring the machine itself at $150 off. However, the Father’s Day deal ends this Sunday, 6/18 so if you’re considering the home workout machine, now’s the time to act.

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