Great Heights

By The Editors
April 24, 2013 9:00 am

Summer’s coming. Eventually, you’ll have to take off your shirt. Make sure that moment isn’t awful with Greatist.

Founded by a Harvard grad sick of being husky — and surprised that even smart guys (like him) couldn’t figure out a diet/exercise regimen — Greatist provides easy-to-use training guides and apps for the everyman.

Best part: the guides are mostly infographics.

Other best part: sometimes, they cite William S. Burroughs

The guides, released this week, are downloadable PDFs, and each comes with a complimentary app that reduces your workout planning to a simple three-click process: pick your timeframe or objective (four weeks, six weeks, strength training, etc.), schedule your start date and press “Get Started.”

The latest guides:

Once downloaded, you’ll have each day mapped out, from running distances to training times to, yes, planned days of rest.

All smart moves.

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