In a First, FDA Approves OTC Erectile Dysfunction Gel

Eroxon is already available in Europe and the UK

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The FDA just expanded the options for dealing with erectile dysfunction.
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Before this month, the Food and Drug Administration had never approved a gel available over the counter to treat erectile dysfunction. All of that changed earlier this month, when the agency gave its authorization to Futura Medical Developments Limited’s Eroxon. As per the FDA’s statement, the gel contains elements that, when applied, produce “a rapid, localized cooling effect,” followed by “a recovering slower warming effect.”

As Live Science pointed out in its article on the agency’s announcement, the appeal here is in the speed with which Eroxon works, with test subjects who experienced positive effects doing so within about 10 minutes, compared to between 30 and 60 minutes for Cialis to take effect.

Manufacturer Futura Medical Developments released its own statement on the FDA’s approval, which notes that there were “no serious adverse events recorded in any patients.” Some patients did experience mild side effects – headaches, specifically. It’s also worth mentioning that there was “one instance of mild local burning,” which sounds preferable to multiple instances of local burning, but not as preferable as zero instances of burning.

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Eroxon is, as per its website, also available over the counter to consumers in Europe and the U.K. One assumes we’ll start seeing it on shelves in the U.S. before too long as well — which sounds like encouraging news for those in need of its specific properties.

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