Ever Wanted to Analyze Your Sweat? Gatorade Has an App for That.

From energy drinks to fitness tech

Gatorade patch
A detailed analysis of your sweat, plus electrolytes!

Year by year, the scope of the Internet of Things grows. What might have seemed like the stuff of science fiction a few years ago — internet-connected light bulbs, for instance — is now quotidian. To read technology news these days is to learn of new and different ways that objects can be connected to your home wi-fi network or paired with your phone. Or both.

All of which may provide some context for why Gatorade is getting into the technology business. At Engadget, C. Low has the news that the long-running energy drink company is now selling sweat-analyzing patches.

The Gx Sweat Patch is sold in packs of two, with each pack costing $25. Using the patches also requires the Gx app on your phone — and, as of this writing, said app is only available for iOS. The app uses the data from the patch to create a “sweat profile,” and Gatorade recommends that you have a different profile for each physical activity you do and each temperature in which you exercise.

Gatorade suggests a workout of at least 30 minutes, or whatever is necessary to produce enough sweat to fill the patch. Once done, you’ll scan the patch with the app, which will then calculate the rate at which you’ve sweat and how much sodium and sweat you lost during that activity.

Low’s article at Engadget explores some of the potential downsides for the patches, including temperature restrictions and the way the patch won’t work as well for less sweaty people. Still, it’s an interesting foray into tech from Gatorade, and the premise sounds suitably intriguing.

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