Get Into Marvel-Worthy Shape With Chris Hemsworth’s New Fitness App

With tips and training from an ex-Navy SEAL and Michelin chefs

February 12, 2019 9:00 am

We’ve all attempted a celebrity workout at some point. 

It works for a couple weeks, you see progress and get all excited, then a couple busy weekends kick in and you’re back to square one. You see him/her on the big screen at the movie theater and make a crack about how you’d look like that if you had all the time in the world … plus a personal trainer, nutritionist and chef. 

Chris Hemsworth is introducing an app that takes those excuses away and just might help you sculpt a Marvel-worthy figure. It’s called Centr, and it includes a wealth of videos, tips, recipes and training from Thor’s hand-picked team. Here’s how it works. 

Chris (3 images)

Centr went live earlier this month and is essentially a subscription-model lifestyle app, priced at $16 a month, or $96 over a year, which will help you live and look more like Hemsworth (and his wife, actress Elsa Pataky — the app isn’t just geared toward men), with a balance of strength training, HIIT and yoga, plua curated dishes and meditation sessions. As far as business models go, it’s a pretty safe bet people will be interested. I was ready to run through a brick wall after watching the app’s trailer this morning, and I even signed up for a one-month membership. Chris was kind enough to offer the first week free. 

So that you guys have an understanding of what it looks like once you’re on the inside, here are a couple screengrabs:

Chris 2 (2 images)

Each week, Centr’s team uploads new content, geared to meet personal/training questions you answer when signing up. I entered my height, weight, diet, exercise level, and goals (with an emphasis on strength training), and Centr spat back out a week’s worth of work-outs, meals and destressing techniques. As someone who likes to stay in shape and eat healthy, but often does so in a mundane routine, this is huge. Plus, the emphasis on mental health is a welcome surprise.

Naturally, some will ask, “What sets this apart from other fitness apps on the market, aside from the Hemsworth angle?” I’d reply: Don’t discount the Hemsworth angle. And definitely don’t forget how much money that guy makes. (Up to $12M a flick.) His body has access to the best in the business, and with Centr, so do you. Included on the team are his personal trainer, an ex-Navy SEAL, a Hollywood stuntman, a professional ballet dancer, Michelin chefs, world-renowned yogis, and psychotherapists.   

To subscribe to Centr head here, and to download the app, head here

All images via Centr

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