‘Stealthing’ Trend Seems to Be Disturbing New Form of Sexual Assault

April 27, 2017 4:34 pm
Is 'Stealthing' Just Another Name for Sexual Assault?
(ullstein bild/Contributor)
Is 'Stealthing' Just Another Name for Sexual Assault?
This Getty Image is a stock shot, and does not involve an actual case of ‘stealthing.’ (ullstein bild/Contributor)


There’s a new sexual phenomenon making the rounds called “stealthing” and it’s decidedly not pleasurable, or safe, for both parties, CNN reports.

By definition, “stealthing” is when a man purposefully removes or damages a condom during sexual intercourse with a partner and doesn’t tell her (or him) that it’s occurring. The negative results of such actions—which are clearly nonconsensual—are fairly obvious: The potential for spreading sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies are major concerns. Per the story, the National Sexual Assault Hotline has already fielded calls about “stealthing.”

But in large part because of its recency, its hard for a victim to prove an assault took place.

A recent article published in the Columbia Journal of Gender and Law argues that giving it a more formal name, such as “nonconsensual condom removal,” will help survivors have a better chance of fighting it in court.

Because it’s such a new thing, just how someone is breaking the law doing it is unclear.


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