The TAG Heuer Calibre E4 Is a Rare Marriage of Aesthetics and Performance

The Calibre E4 is fit for any king or a queen looking to make a statement

a TAG Heuer smart watch
TAG Heuer

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Elite functionality typically comes at a cost — after all, the best performance gear and accessories routinely sacrifice handsome characteristics and unique featurettes in favor of streamlined execution and effective usage. Not so, however, with Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer’s newest release. The Connected Calibre E4 Collection is a striking collection of luxury timepieces, handcrafted with exceptional precision and impeccable design. Featuring two new watches and an updated digital ecosystem, TAG has deftly sandwiched the best of both worlds — performance and aesthetics — into one sleek package.

The 42mm Calibre E4, a new addition to TAG Heuer’s offerings, is low profile and elegant, incredibly versatile in its wearability. From the country club to the donor dinner, the ergonomic steel pushers, thin bezel and fully integrated bracelet make said watch an incredibly chic accessory. Conversely, the updated 45mm combines the classic look of a TAG Heuer timepiece with sporty sensibilities.

two smartwatches products, side by side
TAG Heuer

More than just a pretty face, the Calibre E4 is a state-of-the-art sport watch, complete with serviceability that rivals the likes of Garmin and Polar and tracking capacities for a variety of pursuits — running, swimming, cycling, even golfing. The newest generation of smartwatches comes seven years after the line’s 2015 inception, and the improvements are immediately noticeable — an increased battery life of 30%, a high-fidelity face that protects against color degradation and glare, Bluetooth 5.0 and more.

The sports features have also received an upgrade; the Calibre E4 now boasts a built-in altimeter to compliment the preexisting heart rate monitor, compass and GPS tech. Utilizing the Wear OS by Google, the data and performance offered are bar none, and the addition of guided workouts is another welcome bonus — fully customizable, the onboarded programming and interactive display allow for a minimalist, streamlined sweat session.

a collections of TAG Heuer's new watches
TAG Heuer

Championed by Grand Slam champion Naomi Osaka and gold-medal Olympian Sydney McLaughlin, The TAG Heuer Connected Collection is available now from the TAG Heuer website and select locations. Pricing starts at $1,800 for the 42 mm model, with the 45mm iterations running a cool $2,500 (titanium), $2,250 (bracelet) and $2,050 (rubber strap), respectively.

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