TAG Heuer Enlists Ryan Gosling to Help Launch the Carerra Three Hands Collection

Now you can look like the leading man you know you are

Ryan gosling in a trench and watch, edited.
TAG Heuer

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The old saying “clothes make the man” needs an update. The expression had the idea right, but we like our new version better: The watch makes the man.  It’s no secret that a confident guy and a well-made watch is a dangerously handsome combination — just look at Ryan Gosling. From Drive to La La Land to Crazy, Stupid Love, Gosling has proven time and time again that a nice timepiece goes a long way. This is probably why his newest role as global ambassador to TAG Heuer, Gosling’s first endorsement of kind, makes perfect sense. The Swiss watchmakers have been crafting beautiful timepieces for over 150 years, and their “don’t crack under pressure” motto seems to line up sublimely with Gosling’s high-octane performances and emotive acting style.

a edited close up of a watch
Part of the sporty, motor-inspired TAG Heuer Carrera collection.
TAG Heuer

And what better way to introduce the new pairing to the world than the Carrera Three Hands Collection? The brand’s newest collection combines a cutting edge, modern design with classic craftsmanship and timeless innovation. The chic, three-hand design couples perfectly with the performance-driven inspiration, the Carrera taking major cues from the boldness and elegance of the motoring world. Indeed, Gosling’s affinity for a sauve convertible or high-speed chase scene make him a perfect match for the collection; Carrera, is the Spanish term for course or race. 

Gosling and TAG Heuer watches are a match made in heave: both lovers of a fine automobile, and both handsome as hell.
TAG Heuer

The collection consists of 13 beautifully crafted timepieces, reimagining four staple styles from TAG Heuer’s illustrious past: The Day-Date 41mm, the Time-Time Date 41mm, the Date 39mm, and the Date 29mm. Starting at $2,300, the Carrera Three-Hand collection is a horological masterclass, and guaranteed to help you look like the leading man you are.

Read more about Ryan Gosling and TAG Heuer’s partnership here, and shop the collection below. 

A collection of luxury watches
The TAG Heuer Carrera collection.
TAG Heuer

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