This Bulletproof Watch Safe Has a Built-in Stereo System, Humidor

Not much. Just hanging out in my watch safe, having a beer.’

October 9, 2017 9:00 am

If you’re sportin’ a six-figure watch, you’re probably not going to throw it in a drawer at day’s end.

You need to let that timepiece luxuriate.

Enter German luxury brand Buben&Zorweg, which just unveiled Solitaire Vision, the latest watch safe from their Objects of Time collection. Relatively unadorned on the outside — besides a large timepiece enclosed in a stainless steel bezel — the inside of the SV features bulletproof glass, an array of LEDs, a cigar humidor, bar module and an integrated Hi-Fi system.

You know, so you can really enjoy in the thrill of all your timepieces (up to 46 of them).

On the actual safekeeping front, the Vision also features an alarm system, shock sensor and an optional tracking system. Though, at 300 pounds, you’re probably “safe” from large-scale theft.

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