The 13 Best Hot Cocktails to Sip on Around DC

From spins on the hot toddy to boozy hot chocolates, here's where to saddle up when it's nippy outside

January 14, 2020 9:37 am
doyle's flaming hot chocolate
Doyle's Flaming Hot Chocolate at the Dupont Circle Hotel
Dupont Circle Hotel

January’s chill is the perfect reason to indulge in the legendary drink combination of hot and boozy. We’ve already pointed you in the direction of the best fireplace bars in DC, and now we’re continuing the streak of cozy drinking opportunities with this breakdown of the city’s top choices for cocktails that will keep you warmed from the inside all winter long, from inventive toddies to a hoppy hot buttered rum and more. 

Spins on the Hot Toddy

Almond Toddy from Service Bar
This hot concoction from laid back local favorite Service Bar combines almond tea with Nocino (made of black walnut), Spanish brandy and vermouth.

Whispers of Winter from Astoria
Fortified wines are given the spotlight in this mix of rye whiskey and ruby port with oloroso sherry and brown sugar in Sichuan-style Astoria’s spin on the Toddy.

pisco hot toddy the royal
The Pisco Hot Toddy at the Royal

Pisco Hot Toddy from The Royal
Made with pisco infused with apples and allspice, a roasted pineapple and cinnamon syrup, lemon juice and angostura bitters, this tart and fruity toddy is garnished with a cinnamon stick, lemon wheel and a sprig of oregano. 

Hot Toddiana from Jack Rose Dining Saloon
Old Grandad BIB Bourbon is mixed with chai tea, maple and lemon at this whiskey connoisseur’s paradise. 

Mezcal Toddy from Calico
The toddy makes its way down to Mexico with this smoky take available in Calico’s cozy winter backyard, with Sombra Mezcal, Ginger Honey and Regan’s Orange Bitters.

hopped buttered rum jack rose dining saloon
The hopped, buttered rum from Jack Rose Dining Saloon

Buttery, Chocolate-y Goodness

The Flaming Hot Chocolate from Doyle Bar & Lounge
This warm delight mixes hot chocolate, cayenne pepper, coffee liqueur and nutmeg at Doyle Bar inside the Dupont Circle Hotel.

Boozy Hot Chocolate from Calico
Blackwell Rum, butter chocolate, cinnamon and cherry cream make for an indulgent treat. 

Hopped, Buttered Rum from Jack Rose Dining Saloon
Gosling’s Black Rum, sherry, ginger bitters, butter, lemon oleo are combined with hops for a super unique take on the traditionally rich winter bev. 

Christmas Prince and Chill from Miracle on 7th Street
If you miss the holidays already it’s not too late to grab this belly-warming cocktail made with Maker’s Mark bourbon, red wine hot chocolate and vanilla marshmallows.

mezcal toddy boozy hot chocolate calico
The mezcal hot toddy and boozy hot chocolate at Calico

Something Spicy 

Winter Spice from the Ritz-Carlton Georgetown
Unwind fireside at the Ritz in Georgetown with Virginia Highland Whiskey, Cognac, spiced syrup, lemon juice and hot apple cider.

Feuerzange from Stable
As traditionally Swiss as you’ll get in DC, Stable says “hold my beer” to all the other restaurants attempting hot cocktails. Try this crazy concoction of mulled wine flambeed with Goldschlager Cinnamon Liquor and then check out their whole menu of hot winter bevs including traditional Swiss Gluhwein. 

Hot Gin Punch from Dirty Habit
A slightly more refreshing option is this gin punch from globally inspired Dirty Habit with Monkey 47 Schwarzvald Gin, cardamom, Bouquet Garni and blood orange.

Spice Up Your Life! From Jack Rose Dining Saloon
Really spice it up with this uber-warming blend of red wine, Old Grandad BIB Bourbon, Spanish Vermouth, brown sugar and winter spices.


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