Yacht See

By The Editors
February 13, 2013 9:00 am

The typical cruise, the late/great David Foster Wallace once wrote, is bleak. Red leisure suits. The dry scrape of shuffleboard. Conga lines.

But this isn’t your typical cruise.

Introducing the gorgeous Alila Purnama phinisi ship, booking for private jaunts in Indonesia right now.

A three-deck schooner built entirely by hand, the Alila Purnama comes replete with hedonistic amenities: five queen bed cabins, teak furniture, on-board spa therapist, a well-stocked library and a master suite with a private balcony and wraparound views.

This beauty only sleeps ten, plus 16 crew members.

Private charters are available year-round, but Alila Purnama — which actually translates to “Full Moon” — also offers week-long itineraries to the coral-ringed Komodo Island and the tropical rainforests of Ambon Island.

Itineraries include fishing, kayaking through secluded bays and scuba diving in the some of the world’s most pristine waters — not to mention day trips through Indonesian rainforest villages.

As you might expect, these cruises aren’t modestly priced.

But then, there’s no shuffleboard, either.


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