Visitors Think These Are the Worst Value Tourist Attractions in Every State

Not all places of interest are created equally

Empire State Building
Unsplash/Pedro Kümmel

It’s always hard to know, when visiting a new destination, which tourist attractions are worth the hype and which ones aren’t. That’s even truer when there’s a steep cost of admission attached. Fortunately, sites like Tripadvisor exist, allowing you to peruse reviews from other travelers so you can gauge just how worthy of your dime they are in advance.

That said, sometimes those reviews can be hard to sift through, so SavingSpot by CashNetUSA went ahead and did it for you.

“[We don’t] want you to waste your time, your money or your wonder. So, we scoured Tripadvisor for the tourist attractions with the most mentions of the word ‘expensive’ in their reviews and sorted them by US state, country and continent,” the study says.

The findings, particularly in the U.S., are moderately surprising…if not also a little uneven. For example, in Vermont, the worst value attraction is Ben & Jerry’s. In New York, it’s the Empire State Building. Of course, while these things are relative, Ben & Jerry’s (albeit delicious) hardly deserves the same level of accolade as one of the most iconic buildings in New York City. (Also, on the topic of New York City, what about the horse-drawn carriages in Central Park? Or literally anything in Times Square?)

I also think it bears mentioning that “expensive” and “not worth it” are also not synonymous. I’ve never been to The National WWII Museum, but I’d venture to guess it is probably worth the cost of entry. The Grand Canyon Skywalk may cost nearly $70, but it also provides unparalleled views of one of the world’s Seven Natural Wonders. Further, my boss lives and dies by Hersheypark, so it really comes down to a matter of perspective.

Below, a map of the worst value tourist attractions in all 50 states, per SavingSpot:

Worst Value Tourist Attractions US

As far as the worst value attractions in the world? My feelings are much of the same, though the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter is number one, which feels right being that tickets start at $109. The (historic) Tower of London is also on the list, however, just after Piazza San Marco and Edinburgh Castle so…take that with a grain of salt.

Below, a map of the worst value tourist attractions in the world:


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