You Can Stay in an Underwater Hotel Soon Because Dubai

Four floors. 3,000 guests. Knock yourself out, sea dorks.

September 15, 2017 9:00 am

If we were to give you three guesses about which country was going to be home to the world’s first underwater luxury resort, the first two wouldn’t count.

Obviously, the home of the drones racing supercars, life-size dinosaurs and a literal RoboCop — Dubai — is getting it.

The brainchild of the Kleindienst Group, The Floating Venice will be located about 2.5 miles off the coast of Dubai in the World Island and will features an assortment of Venetian-themed attractions including restaurants and hotel accommodations spread across four floors.

Of the 414 cabins, restaurants, bars and boutiques at the floating five-star property, 180 will be located underwater and offer views of the surface above and coral reefs below. The Floating Venice will have enough room for 3,000 guests who will journey to the property by boat, seaplane or helicopter and use gondolas imported from Venice for transport during their visits.

Underwater Resort (7 images)

“Our vision supports and aligns with Dubai’s ambition to be a leading global destination and home of innovation as the world’s most forward-thinking city,” said Kleindienst Group chairman Josef Kleindienst. “The Floating Venice is the epitome of this innovation and spirit, the world’s first luxury underwater vessel resort.”

With construction set to begin in 2018 and finish by the end of 2020, the developers believe The Floating Venice’s concrete underwater sections and lightweight upper decks will last 100 years.

Since the original Venice might not always be there, it’s nice to have another option. We guess.


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