You Will Soon Be Able to Visit the Moon…in Dubai

Can't afford to see space the Elon Musk way? Moon World Resorts Inc. is proposing a (moderately) more realistic alternative.

A mock drawing of the proposed Moon Resort in Dubai
A mock drawing of the proposed Moon Resort in Dubai
Courtesy of MOON World Resorts Inc.

Ever wanted to visit the moon? The good news for you is that legitimate space tourism is closer than ever. In fact, several companies have their sights on out-of-this-world experiences, set to launch within the next five years. But, that said, they’re not likely to be very accessible. Fortunately, there is a proposed solution on the horizon — a secondary way to visit the moon, if you will.

That’s because the Canada-based company Moon World Resorts Inc. is seeking to bring the moon to Dubai.

According to Architectural Digest, the project — aptly named “MOON” — “envisions a 735-foot-tall mixed-use building in the shape of Earth’s only natural satellite.” While the plans are still up in the air, MOON would be the first of four installations — the first of which will be in Dubai and will see a giant, Epcot globe-like replica of the moon erected to the tune of $5 billion.

And while MOON will very much be a full-service resort — it’s set to include 300 private residences available for purchase, a nightclub, event center, wellness spa, retail space and piano lounge, among other things — the main draw will be, unsurprisingly, the moon. The lunar surface simulation is meant to mimic the “sensation of space exploration firsthand.” According to The Guardian, there will be loads of space-themed attractions, like hop-on hop-off rover taxis and spacewalks. Apparently there will be ample opportunity to wear astronaut suits, too. The hope is that it will be so realistic, real space agencies might seek MOON out for training opportunities.

“MOON will form the bridge, delivering an affordable and entirely authentic space tourism experience millions of enthusiasts around planet Earth have been patiently waiting for,” Michael R. Henderson, MOON co-founder, told Architectural Digest.

But it’s not just for aesthetics. The moon will actually house the 4,000 guest suites as well. In other words: you can stay inside the moon. How much it’ll cost ya? That’s not yet been made clear, though I’m guessing — based on what it’s going to cost to build this thing — it might be just as financially feasible to actually go to space. Or, you could wait until MOON makes its Vegas debut and, at the very least, save yourself the cost of airfare to Dubai.


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