Skip the Car and Get an Uber Horse and Carriage for King Charles’s Coronation

Fingers crossed for a Coronation Carriage Pool

Unclear if "Horse and Carriage XL" will be an option
Unclear if "Horse and Carriage XL" will be an option

Unless you’ve been living in a hyperbolic chamber for the past few months, you’re probably aware that there’s a pretty big party happening in London next week.

The U.K.’s first coronation of a sovereign in 70 years is happening inside Westminster Abbey on May 6, and anglophiles are losing their shit. According to Expedia, London hotel bookings for May 5-7 are up 64% from the previous year and, per Kayak, searches for flights from the the U.S. to London during coronation weekend are up 40%. So in the unlikely chance that you’re headed to London in the next couple days for matters unrelated to royals? Buckle up.

That said, while it might be a little tricker to move freely about the city for a few days, Uber has gone ahead and launched a new offering. For a limited time, whilst in London, users can book a “Coronation Carriage.”

But before you get any ideas about taking a horse and carriage to Heathrow, here’s what you need to know: according Travel + Leisure, the Uber horse and carriage will only be available for bookings on the days leading up to the Coronation, (May 3 through May 5) and for limited trips around the 76-acre Dulwich Park in southwest London. 

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It will, however, “closely resemble the carriage the king himself will ride” fully equipped with four white, Coronation outfit-wearing horses…if you’re into that kind of thing.

“We’re always looking for new ways to add a little Uber magic to people’s journeys, so we are over the moon to be able to bring the Coronation Carriage to Uber,” Uber UK general manager Andrew Brem told Travel + Leisure.

Of course, if an Uber horse and carriage isn’t enough to scratch the itch, there are many other experiences available, too. The Carlton Tower Jumeirah, for one, is offering a coronation package that includes an Aston Martin car rental — an exponentially cooler mode of transportation, in our opinion.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer something on the quieter side, you could always just join Prince Harry and watch the livestream from home. (Just kidding, the Duke of Sussex will be in attendance, though rumor has it he’ll be sitting 10 rows back, so basically the same thing.)


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