Where Can You Currently Travel? These Two Free Sites Will Let You Know.

Travelbans and the IATA have resources for travelers navigating coronavirus restrictions

A silhouetted airplane flying
Two new websites list current travel restrictions.
Yassine Khalfalli / Unsplash

In a world that’s slowly crawling out of COVID-19 isolation, every country has different rules for entry and travel. Some places require testing, others quarantine, and still others want tourists to register in advance.

Helping you navigate the new world: Travelbans, a site that lists 900+ different travel restrictions for 239 countries around the globe. According to founder Vladimir Belenky, the site is a “non-commercial platform that delivers full official info on global travel restrictions in every country in the world” that provides information on restrictions, reopening plans, COVID-19 certification requirements, quarantine measures and relaunched flight routes.

A screenshot from the new travel resource Travelbans.
Travelbans/Product Hunt

Another resource, as pointed out by the travel site God Save the Points: The IATA Interactive Map, just launched from the International Airline Transportation Association. As the name suggests, this is more of a color-coded visual aid, where you just need to click on the country of your choice to get updated travel information.

Both sites are easy to navigate but present the info in a confusing manner — click on Iceland and you’d initially think passengers weren’t allowed, which is technically the current case but very quickly going to change. If you click on something, dig deep into the information provided.

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