Prettiest Travel Tool Ever?

TodayFlights tracks delays. Routes. Likely more delays.

February 13, 2017 9:00 am

TodayFlights isn’t going to change your life, but it’s awfully pretty. It’s an iOS widget made for your notifications panel: Install it, add your next flight, and stare at the lovely graphic detailing your upcoming route.

It’s less hassle than our personal alternative, which is to make no note of our flight outside of our actual booking receipt. How many times have we searched through our Gmail for the details of our next flight? A million? Download the app here — we found installation slightly fiddly, but at this point we’re ready to call anything that requires more than an actual snap of our fingers “slightly fiddly.”

We’re coming out of a weekend that’s been hard on travelers nationwide: If you check American AIrlines’ list of airports in the U.S. currently affected by travel alerts, you’ll see it covers a good number of our biggest airports, with heavy winds throttling air traffic in the Mid-Atlantic and New England digging itself out from around a foot of snow.

TodayFlights can at least put a shiny face on all of that (and alert you to any delays). If you’re looking for some additional good news from the world of air travel, consider the fact that we can, for the moment, cross either of our adjoining issues for right around $500: Here’s a $512 RT fare from Portland to Beijing, or $483 RT from D.C. to Munich. Hop on it, because these deals won’t last. 


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