10 Runways So Pretty Someone May Drag You Out of Your Window Seat

You like views?

May 9, 2017 9:00 am

Every flyer knows that the landing is the best part — especially when flying into one of the world’s most scenic runways. See the top 10 below — including multiple beach landing strips and even a couple chances to land in the middle of a city. 

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1. Saba, Dutch Caribbean: Home to the most scenic landing strip on the planet, plus world-class diving. 

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2. Donegal, Ireland: A narrow approach for your flights from Glasgow and Dublin. 

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3. Nice, France: A fast way to get a good look at the French Riviera. 

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4. Gibraltar, Spain: A landing with a view of a very famous rock. 

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5. Queenstown, New Zealand: The world’s prettiest country is even better from the air. 

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6. London City Airport: There’s nothing quite like landing right in the middle (almost) of a great world capital. 

7. There’s a bar on the landing beaching on St. Maarten for drinking while plane-spotting. 

8. This is the best way to fly into Florida — at Orlando Melbourne (BTW, that’s not Orlando Orlando.)

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9. The beach is the airport in Barra, Scotland. 

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10. Another mid-city landing — this time in Toronto. 


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