Southwest Passengers Can Soon Enjoy Three New Onboard Features

Big improvements are coming to the airline's planes

southwest airlines plane at the airport
Good news for passengers boarding Southwest planes later this year.
AFP via Getty Images

Southwest was most recently in the news for their December 2022 meltdown, but luckily some positive press is in the cards for the airline. The company just announced that some much-awaited improvements are coming to their planes this year.

If you’re a Southwest frequent flyer, you’re aware that the carrier’s planes don’t feature charging ports, but that is finally going to shift in 2023. The airline is debuting seat-back USB A and USB C charging ports on their 737 MAX aircrafts. Every new plane will have the ports, and Southwest plans to roll out the change to all of their 737 MAXs within the next year or so.

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One of the biggest perks of flying Southwest is the two free checked bags policy, and passengers are also allowed the standard carry-on and personal item. But if you’ve ever been in boarding group C, you likely had to gate-check your bag on past flights. So Southwest is also replacing its slim overhead bins with taller designs that can accommodate more suitcases turned on their sides. The bigger bins will be able to hold 60 extra bags on both 737 MAX and 737-800 aircrafts.

Additionally, Southwest does charge $8 for wifi access on flights, but at least people who pay to get connected will be able to enjoy improved speed for existing planes and high-speed Viasat wifi on new aircrafts.

Many who frequently fly Southwest swear by it, so maybe these new improvements will elevate the carrier’s image in the eyes of travelers who don’t find them as compelling.


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