Coming Soon to Singapore: An Ambitious “Evergreen Forest Town”

Can cutting-edge technology exist in harmony with the natural world?

A rendering of the Forest Hill District in Singapore's proposed smart and sustainable city Tengah
A rendering of the Forest Hill District.
Singapore Housing & Development Board

Two things that don’t usually coincide with one another: towering trees and urban buildings. There are a host of reasons why this is the case, from logistics to infrastructure; still, the idea of a metropolis with trees the size of buildings looming over pedestrians and providing shade and a sense of oneness with the environment has largely felt like the stuff of science fiction.

An ambitious urban development project in Singapore looks ready to change all of that. A new report from Dayana Aleksandrova at Matador Network explores the country’s plan for Tengah, a region which had previously been used for military training.

Singapore’s Housing & Development Board has released a website dedicated to the Tengah project. “The key features of Tengah will revolve around nature and the community,” the agency wrote. This will include the creation of five distinct districts, including the accurately named Forest Hill District. A rendering features an abundance of trees, bicycles and elevated wooden structures.

Also notable: Tengah will have a town center that is free of cars. Mass transit and bicycles will be the preferred methods of getting around. The agency’s description of Tengah as “an Evergreen Forest Town” is no exaggeration.

The Matador Network article notes that Tengah is set to hold 42,000 new homes, along with spaces for community farming. Can cutting-edge design and technology exist in harmony with the natural world? We’re about to find out.


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