Auto Reply: On This Private Bahamian Island I Just Rented for Pennies

Out of office never looked this good.

July 25, 2017 9:00 am

Now here’s a deal: As long as you have three friends — and don’t mind sharing a vacation rental with them — you can rent this Bahamian private island for just over $100 a night (per person, of course_. 

Ship Island Cay is home to a two-bedroom house available for $450 a night. Truth: You won’t be staying at the Ritz; the house looks nice, but not, under normal circumstances, $450-a-night nice. Of course, these aren’t normal circumstances: The home is set on a bluff overlooking the turquoise Caribbean, and despite how it looks from the picture above, there actually is a sandy beach available to guests for lounging and other water activities. The distance from your house to the beach? About 50 yards. 

A few things to note. We’re coming into the heart of the 2017 hurricane season, with most storms typically causing trouble between August and October — that’s bad news for anyone hoping for a peaceful getaway in the Caribbean. Also, this property, bookable via TripAdvisor, is available “on request” — which we take to mean that the reservation is made at the owner’s whim (indeed, one listing shows his or her response rate at 40 percent — not an ideal figure). YOLO? 


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