Sand Castle Hotel Now Open, Seeks Totally Radical Visitors

As long as you're willing to travel to Australia

September 21, 2017 9:00 am

Sand has, for centuries, made building structures stronger, and there’s a long history during which natural materials — sand as well as soil, leaves, thatch, whatever — have been used to create homes.

So this isn’t the first time sand’s been used to create a residence.

All that said, it’s still pretty cool that there’s now a “sand castle hostel” available for booking in Australia

sand castle (6 images)

The project is a collaboration between the local tourism office and Hostelworld, and is the brainchild of leading sand sculptor Dennis Massoud. From his website: “The most common questions asked are ‘How can you do that ?’ and ‘Is it just sand?’ Yes it is just sand and a lifetime of skill and experience.”

Massoud created the project over three weeks, using 24 tons of sand. It’s now open for booking and these highly Instagrammable rooms, we’re sure, are going to book up and fast


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